Unique software solutions for business: development of ERP/CRM systems, automation of business processes, integration with external services
Development of WEB and mobile applications for business
In each project, we dive deeply into the customer's business, select optimal solutions, implement projects according to the developed TOR and on time
Tilda Publishing
Yablomania is your guide in the Apple world. All services, services and products in your mobile app.
Security Technologies
The online store is based on parsers
The scripts automatically add the product and update the prices. Every day there is an update, adding an assortment, updating all the details and availability of goods
Automatic feed generation
Feeds for marketplaces and advertising platforms are created and updated in real time
Integration platform
An integration platform has been developed that aggregates and connects different services: delivery (BoxBerry, SDEC), payment gateways, credit organizations, regional subdomains, accounting systems (1C)
Mobile application for a network of bookmakers
Federal grocery box delivery network - 43 regions of presence
Development of a new administration panel
- convenient management of prices and assortment for all cities
- the functionality of assigning individual delivery conditions for each partner with different conditions
- automated order distribution module with AI
- integration with Sberbank, Alfabank, OFD for online payments and fiscalization
- regional subdomains for SEO promotion
Service for obtaining legal advice
Development of a report card for the Deceuninck concern - a WEB interface, a widget for amoCRM and a mobile application for the measurer
Training programs and nutrition calculation in your smartphone
Development of the payer's website and personal account for the leading operator of the Rostov-On-Don thermal power system
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We have extensive experience and expertise in the development of commercial and service WEB and mobile applications
We help to increase sales and audience loyalty with the help of a mobile application
Services and post-service
The mobile app is the most convenient way to communicate with the audience
Process automation
We dive deep into business, analyze processes and help companies go through the digital revolution
We will launch a fully functional MVP in a short time and budget
Enterprise Applications
We have experience in developing applications for internal processes of companies
Marketing communications
We conduct effective advertising campaigns in Digital
Effective solutions
for your business
Loyalty programs
We develop complex loyalty programs to increase sales by integrating the entire internal infrastructure
Personal accounts
Launching personal accounts to automate business processes in B2B and B2C segments
Catalog of goods/services
We implement a full-fledged store inside the application, with a complex architecture
Accepting payments
We organize payment acceptance in the mobile application and on the website - we can integrate almost any payment gateway
Sales automation
We have deep expertise in optimizing the processes of sales departments. We will help you use your employees' time efficiently
Integration with internal systems
We integrate with 1C and any ERP system - we tightly integrate the application into the internal infrastructure
Geolocation services
We know how to work with geolocation - we optimize the work of field employees, or an internal delivery service
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We use modern development tools that will allow us to implement a project of any complexity in a short time, optimize the budget and further support
NodeJS, Python, Django
React Native, Swift, Java/Kotlin, React
Data storage and processing
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL
Redis, Celery, PythonRQ
Mobile platforms
iOS, Android
The process of work
We can work both on a flexible Agile model, and with a full-fledged TK "on the shore"
We develop an interactive prototype for each screen
We collect mudboards and draw a spectacular design
We translate the idea into code
Testing and publishing
We test deeply and push it into the master
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Full transparency of the development process, thanks to professional tools
Collaborative development, version control, automated deployment and testing
Project and documentation management, reporting and time tracking
Cloud-based, scalable infrastructure for hosting projects
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